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Feature Mr Jess x Cowgirl Class -- Magical Mile

This Cowgirl Rocks has no performance record. She injured her knee as a two year old.

See a video of her moving out here

Produce Record

This Cowgirl Rocks is dam of 6 foals with earnings of $5,231. 


2010 FEATURE ME FIRIN (x FirewaterontheRocks), 2D/3D money earner of $2,027, owned and ridden by Emma Nelson, Trained by Ryann Pedone


2012 FEATURE ME FRENCH (x BHR Frenchies Socks), 2D/3D earner of $2,639, owned and trained by Ryann Pedone


2013 NORMASSOCKFULLOFHOPE (x BHR Frenchies Socks), bred by Ryann Pedone


2014 CAUSE MONEY ROCKS (x Cause Its Money), bred and owned by Raney Turney Nelson


2016 FIREWATERMAKESMEROCK (x Firewater ta Fame), owned by Brian Langworthy and Terri Forrest, broke by Amy Andresen and patterned by Liana DeWeese.


2017 TRAFFIC STOPPIN GIRL-- (x Traffic Guy), owned by Tori Stubbs, deceased.


2018 COWGIRLGONESTREAKING -- (x Streaking ta Fame), owned by Eugenio Zapata with plans to race on the track

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